At Lester Glenn Chevrolet Toms River, we are home to many excellent new Chevy vehicles that are bringing exciting new technology to your driving experience. When you visit our Chevrolet dealership near Lakewood, NJ, we can tell you all about our models that have advanced driver assist systems to help keep each passenger safe by helping you avoid accidents.

Advanced Driver Assist Technology in Chevrolet Cars

These amazing technology features can keep you safe during momentary lapses in attention or judgement, though they can’t fully replace the driver. However, as this technology develops, fully autonomous cars could be not too far off. Here are some of the advanced safety features found on many Chevrolet cars today.

Lane-Keep Assist with Lane-Departure Warning: In order to prevent you from veering out of your lane by accident, this system uses cameras to detect clearly marked lines on the road, giving you an alert if you start to exit your lane without signaling.

Side Blind-Zone Alert: If you are intentionally changing lanes using your signal, this system will let you know if there is a car in your blind spot when you are trying to change lanes.

Adaptive Cruise Control: This adds a new level of safety and convenience to your typical cruise control system by allowing you to choose a safe distance between your vehicle and cars ahead. Your vehicle will accelerate and brake on its own to maintain a safe distance as traffic conditions change.

Forward Automatic Braking: This system detects impending forward collisions and automatically applies the brakes if the driver hasn’t already. This helps to reduce the severity of the impact or avoid it altogether.

Visit or contact our Chevy dealership near Lakewood, NJ today to learn more about available features in our lineup.