Each new life transition brings new demands for your driving, especially when your kids are going to be starting school. If your transition back to the school year will come with new needs for your car, head over to Lester Glenn Chevrolet to see our excellent selection of pre-owned and new Chevrolet cars for sale. We’re confident you’ll find something perfect for getting your kids to and from school throughout the year. 

Car Considerations for Going Back to School

Perhaps this is your first time having a commute that involves bringing your kids to school or you’ve run out of room in your current car. As you look for your next family vehicle, look for a model that offers plenty of space for each person to sit and feel relaxed. Since the roads will be extra busy during the morning and afternoon commutes, you’ll benefit from having driver assist features that can help prevent accidents from occurring. You should also look for fun infotainment features that can keep your kids entertained while allowing you to more safely use communication and media features. 

Great Chevrolet Models for Going Back to School

Why not turn heads while taking your kids to school? The 2019 Chevrolet Blazer is an all-new mid-size crossover SUV that boasts sharp styling details while offering plenty of room for five passengers to sit in comfort. Available features like adaptive cruise control and forward automatic braking can help you feel more at ease during each drive. The 2020 Chevrolet Traverse features available front pedestrian braking, which could come in handy when driving through school zones. Plus, the seating for eight passengers allows you to accommodate your growing family. Head over to our Chevrolet dealership near Stafford, NJ today to test drive your next great family car!