Driving in a sporty and efficient Chevrolet Cruze or a spacious and comfortable Chevrolet Silverado 1500 will no doubt be a wonderful experience each time. At Lester Glenn Chevrolet, we want to do help our customers with every part of the car-buying and car maintenance process, and that includes helping you choose the insurance policies that make sense for your situation.

Why Car Insurance is Important

One of the most important financial investments to make as a driver is choosing the right car insurance policy for you. While you will at least need liability insurance as a legal requirement, there are other additional policies that will provide further coverage and protection. Determining which coverage plan is best for you will depend on your driving habits, budget, and the type of car you drive.

Types of Car Insurance

Collision: Collision coverage will help you out financially when you get into a collision with another car. This plan will help pay for the repairs to your car that occurred from the accident.


Medical Payments Coverage: A medical coverage plan will help pay for any medical expenses for you or your passengers that resulted from a crash.


Comprehensive: This coverage plan covers multiple types of damage that could be inflicted on your vehicles from situations not involving driving. These includes damage from storms, vandalism, rocks on the road, and theft.


Uninsured Motorist: If another driver is illegally driving without liability insurance and causes an accident with your car, this plan will make sure you still get compensated.


Gap Coverage: There is a period at the end of many repayment terms on new cars where the car is worth less than what is still owed. If your car gets totaled during this time, this plan will cover that gap for you so you don’t end up owing money on a car that you can no longer drive.


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