More often than not, drivers happen to overlook their vehicles fluids. If everything is working properly, why check? Well, when fluids run low, you’re risking your safety and car’s performance. Luckily, we at Lester Glenn Chevrolet Toms River can check your fluids for you, so don’t fret! If you have any questions for our service center, feel free to dial 732-564-5393.

One important fluid to have checked is your radiator fluid, also called “coolant.” Your vehicle’s radiator is responsible for keeping your powertrain cool, preventing it from overheating. If this fluid runs low, your engine could seize, leading to high repair costs.

Of course, your oil level is also important and can lead to engine failure if it’s reading on the lower end. This amber fluid lubricates your motor’s parts and keeps debris from circulating. While it is important to make sure that this substance is always within the normal range, receiving regular oil changes might prevent this from happening. We couldn’t leave out that without brake fluid, you won’t be able to come to a stop. Whether there’s a leak or the fluid needs to be replaced, it’s important to visit us before you lose your ability to come to a halt completely.

Our knowledgeable technicians can check these fluids for you at your Chevrolet dealership serving Lakewood, NJ. As you wait, feel free to make yourself comfortable in our lobby with a hot cup of coffee on us. If you would like, our sales staff can show you around our showroom for an exclusive look at our new Chevy cars. We’ll have you back on the road in no time!

Feel free to schedule an appointment online with our Chevy service department near Manahawkin today! We’re located at 398 Route 37 East and can’t wait to meet you.