While advanced safety, technology, and luxurious features are great, what about the engine? The motor rumbling beneath the sheet metal plays a significant role in getting you from point A to point B. Well, at Lester Glenn Chevrolet Toms River, we can provide you with a little insight and help you find the perfect vehicle.

Four-cylinder engines are becoming more popular every day. Gas is expensive and unless you want to give all your money to the oil companies, a fuel-efficient car is a necessity. But don’t let others fool you. Just because four-cylinder engines happen to be smaller than some other engines out there, it doesn’t mean they lack in the performance category. Many come with turbochargers, such as the Chevrolet Equinox, giving you that extra power when you push down on the accelerator.

Of course, V6 systems usually churn out more power than four-cylinder engines, making them favorable. Usually, the larger the vehicle, the bigger the engine. A V8 engine is even larger and can be found as an option in high-performance cars like the Chevrolet Camaro and in trucks, such as the Chevrolet Silverado 1500. The cylinder heads are arranged in a “V’ shape for both engine sizes, hence their names. Whether you’re ready to take your car to the track or pull your boat out of the lake with your pickup truck, these engines will come in handy.

If you aren’t sure which engine is right for you, don’t fret. Our team of professionals at your trusted Lakewood, NJ Chevrolet dealership will match you to one of the Chevy cars on our lot. You can find us at 398 Route 37 East. We hope to see you in the near future!