Here at our Toms River, NJ Chevrolet dealership, we care about more than just helping you find the right new Chevrolet car. At Lester Glenn Chevrolet, we also care about your continued enjoyment driving in your Chevrolet car, which is why we offer top-notch Chevrolet maintenance and repair at our Chevrolet service center. Choose our dealership for guaranteed quality and results with OEM parts. 

Why are OEM Parts Special?  

Whenever you need repairs for your Chevrolet vehicle, we can help you find the perfect OEM Chevrolet parts so you can get the best performance and life out of your car. OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer,” which means that they are made by the same people who made your car. All of the same care and attention to detail that when into making your vehicle goes into making an OEM part, so you know it is made to last. Plus, OEM Chevrolet parts are built to perform in Chevrolet cars, resulting in the level of performance you’re used to in your car.  

It may be tempting to opt for a substitute replacement part for your car, but it will end up being only a short-term gain. While substitute parts are often cheaper, you can’t count on them for quality. Even though you will spend less money upfront, you’ll likely pay more over time since you will need repairs sooner. Additionally, the performance level of a non-OEM part just isn’t quite the same, diminishing your driving experience in your car. Plus, OEM parts are typically covered under warranty, which gives you peace of mind that non-OEM parts won’t provide.  

If you need maintenance or repairs for your Chevrolet car, schedule your service appointment at our Chevrolet dealership today!