Summer is in full swing here in Toms River, which means that you’re likely finding creative ways to beat the summer heat. However, you also want to make sure to stay cool when it comes to your Chevrolet vehicle. Here at Lester Glenn Chevrolet, the expert team at our Chevrolet service center near Lakewood, NJ can help you stay cool by optimizing your car for summer driving. 

Summer Driving Tips

When driving in the summer heat and humidity, you want to ensure your air conditioning is in full working order. When you’ve been exposed to the summer heat all day, the last thing you want is to get into a car that can’t won’t provide any relief. Your car battery is another important part of your car to keep a close eye on during the summer. High temperatures can start to interrupt the normal chemistry of your car battery, causing it to either drain or die altogether. If you thought not having air conditioning was bad, imagine getting stranded in the heat with a car that won’t start! 

To avoid any problems during the summer, be sure to bring your car over to our Chevrolet service center, where our certified technicians will check multiple points on your car. We’ll take a close look at your battery to make sure it’s corrosion-free, holding a good charge, and doesn’t have any leaks. We will also check your air conditioning system and replace any broken parts with OEM Chevrolet parts if needed. Plus, we’ll ensure your coolant levels are sufficient to protect your car from overheating as you enjoy your Chevrolet car in the warmer temps. 

Schedule your service appointment today for a cool and fun summer in your Chevrolet car!