So, you’ve decided it’s time to move on from your current vehicle and to update your ride. But what’s the best way to transition to your next car? At Lester Glenn Chevrolet Toms River, we can tell you that trading in is a great way to buy your next car at a huge discount while getting rid of the stress of trying to sell your current car. At our Chevrolet dealership near Lakewood, NJ, we make it easy to get the value you deserve for your car and to drive off in a new Chevrolet car you will love.

Why Trade In Your Car?

The process of selling your car can be quite involved. You’ll need to create an ad for your car and likely have to post it in several places to get some responses. This means you’ll have to make sure your car is in perfect shape, take photos, and possibly even have to pay for ad space. Then, you need to deal with car shoppers who may or may not be willing to pay the full price. Plus, meeting with potential buyers is another chunk of time you have to sacrifice. You’ll also be in a tricky transportation situation if you sell before you find your next car. Or, you’ll need to pull extra money out of savings if you buy your next car before you make your sale.

Trading in, on the other hand, allows you to have the smoothest transition possible between cars. You can value your trade-in online to know how much our car is worth. To trade in at our dealership, just bring your cleaned out car to our lot along with the car title and owner’s manual. We will be sure to provide a fair value so you can get an incredible deal on your new car purchase and skip the hassle of making the sale yourself.

Visit or contact your Chevrolet dealer near Lakewood, NJ today to learn more about trading in.